AV Audio Recorder

How to Record Radio Broadcast

If you love to listen to online radio program, it would be nice to save the streaming audio to your computer for later playback. With AV Audio Recorder, you can capture the news and music from all around the world. Also, if you are learning foreign languages, this feature can save you some bucks from buying listening materials. Now, download and install AV Audio Recorder to record radio broadcast easily.

Step 1. Select Recording Device and Sound Source

Launch AV Audio Recorder. Click "Show or hide mixer window" button to select the sound card in your system and choose choose "Stereo Mix" as sound source. The names of the sound sources to record audio maybe different in various operating systems, usually named as Stereo Mix, Phone Line, Aux Volume, Video Volume, Mic Volume, Line In, CD Audio and so on.

Select Recording Device and Sound Source

Step 2. Adjust Recording Settings

Click "Options" and a window will be activated. In "General Settings" area, you can specify an output format among MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG. Click "Settings" to adjust the recording quality by well-configured presets or configuration parameters. Click "Change" to select an output folder. It also has the ability to name the recorded file automatically by date and time. Other settings like AGC, VAS, Hot Key and Schedule are also available.

Adjust Recording Settings

Step 3. Start Recording

After everything is set, just play the radio station that you want to record. Then you can see wave variations in the wave pattern. You can adjust the Volume & Balance to meet your demands.

Adjust Recording Volume & Balance

Click the red round record button in AV Audio Recorder or press the hotkey you just set to start recording. To stop the recording, click "Stop Recording" and the recorded sound will be directly output to the output folder & listed in the file list with detailed information like filename, location, time, duration & size. You can play the recording with the built-in player.

Start Recording

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